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What's Weighted Silver Worth?

Some sterling items are weighted, basically they are filled with cement and only have a very thin lightweight layer of sterling silver around the outside. These items are usually marked "Sterling weighted" and we will purchase these items, at 10% of there actually weight. Candlesticks and candelabras are always weighted. Sometimes bowls or dished are also weighted.

We will buy these items along with other sterling silver pieces but usually will not meet for these pieces alone unless you have around 30 pounds total to sell. Please feel free to text or email photos of what you have and we will help you from there.

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What this Silver Buyer Pays for Your Silver:

Sterling Silver must be refined before being re-used. This is an expensive process. Therefore we currently pay 75% of spot value for your sterling silver items. Most places pay less than 50% for your sterling silver items. Cook County Silver Buyer pays close to the spot value for your silver coins and bars because these items do not need to be refined as they are already pure silver. read more

Get The Most Cash for Weighted Silver (30 Lbs or more)

Selling silver in Northern IL.
Selling Weighted Silver

How we buy silver in Chicago

Mike is available to meet days, evenings and weekends for your convenience. Please call (773) 490-9828 to schedule a meeting.

Cook County Weighted Silver Buyer has a private office in Northbrook IL available by appointment only. If you wish to sell your Weighted Silver, please call, text, or email and describe your items, and he will arrange a time to meet at the office. Or if you prefer, Mike can come to a coffee shop, or restaurant near you in Chicago or suburbs.

Sell Weighted Silver in Chicago

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